Unknown 1

I was born to massacre nations.

I was taught a thousand ways to make a man bleed.

I was schooled in the ways of a killer.

I was brought before the King and his counsel,

And I destroyed them all.


Dead To Me

They were dead to me.

Pushing and Pushing.

Yelling and screaming.

They were dead to me.

Fighting and Killing.

Bruises and scars.

They were dead to me

Blood on the floor

I became dead to them.

Where You’re From

Chapter 3 Part 1

I walked into my class just as Mr. Grimes was doing roll call.

“So nice of you to join us, Ms. Jones.” His nasally voice grated on my ears. I cringed as heads turned in my direction.

Great. Just great. This day just keeps getting better and better. 

“You going inside or what?” A familiar voice said from behind me. I screamed jumping away, banging my knee into the door in the process.

“Fuck.” I gasped pain shooting up my knee.

“Ms. Jones!” Mr. Grime said disapprovingly.

“Are you okay?” Nate said equal parts concern and mirth.

I hated men. ” Fine.” I growled. “What? Are you following me now?”

“No, I’m in this class.” he said gesturing to the room, his dimple flashing me.

My face flushed. Of course he was. It was official the man upstairs hated me. This was punishment for stealing those jelly beans in the fourth grade.

“Sorry.” I mumbled before walking to one of the only empty seats in the very back. I sink into the my chair.

Where You’re From

Chapter 2

“Jay Jay!” I grinned at the sound of my best friends voice. Lucy Vanderwood and i had been best friends since before we were born. Our moms having been friends since their high school days. Needless to say we were inseparable, But total opposites. Where I was pale and lacking in curves, Not counting my ass. Lucy was all curves, olive skin, and raven hair. She’s full blooded Italian what can I say, her attitude speaks for itself. Lucy sashays over to my locker, literally swinging her hips.

“Careful, Luce, the freshman are drooling.” I tease.

She flips her hair over her shoulder, “That’s what i’m going for.” she winks as one of them goes by. I swear he blushes. I shake my head, “I wonder how many hearts you’ll have broken by lunch. little do they know their feelings will never be returned. ”

My best friend was a lover of lady kisses.

“Oh shut it i’m just having some fun. but let’s talk about you and how this is your year to finally get laid.” she said waggling her eyebrows.

“Good luck with that. you know my brother goes here, and has his teammates lurking everywhere. The chances of me getting a boyfriend let alone getting laid are nil.” God knows I don’t mind it, but still, being a virgin at seventeen the pressure is high to lose it. i’m pretty sure i’m the only virgin in my grade. Kill me.

“It’s not  a big deal, Luce. Plus Where would I find the time. with cheerleading, student government, and dance class. I literally have no extra time for a boyfriend. Or time to get laid…” I argue because really I have zero time for that.

“So true.” she conceded. ” I gotta go i’ll see you at practice and, Jay, we are so not done with this conversation.” She winks and walks in the opposite direction that i’m heading.

I start walking towards my first class, when suddenly there’s a bang and i’m fall backwards. I let out a squeal.

“Fuck. Shit.” a deep voice says. Hands grab my wait, pulling me up against a hard, firm body. The scent of sandalwood fills my senses, intoxication me.

he smells amazing, I muse.

“uh, thanks, you smell nice too.” he says laughing.

My face flamed, “Oh my god. I didn’t…I mean.” I stammered, this could not get any worse.

He just grins wider. Only then to I realize every part of my body is pressed up against his. His grip on my waist tightens. I gasp I try to push away, he doesn’t let go.

“I’m Nate.” He says his deep voice is stirring things in the southern regions of my body. I flush even more at that thought.

“I’m Justice but you can call me Jay or Jay Jay. Nope just Jay.” I was rambling and I needed to stop ASAP.

“Nice to meet you, Jay” I think I just swooned, like bone melting, a puddle of goo on the floor. His voice was velvet smooth. What was wrong with me? I mean sure he was the most gorgeous thing to ever walk the earth, and had this dimple on his cheek that i just wanted to lick…

Stop, Jay. you need to get a grip, and stop molesting this guy with your eyes. Fuck you hormones. 

I looked up at him and he was staring at my lips. I licked them. I swear I heard him growl. I started to lean in towards him.

“Justice Renee Jones.” I heard my brothers voice and pushed away from Nate so hard i started to topple over again but he grabbed my arm, righting me. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, and you, asshole back the fuck away from my sister.” He shoved Nate in the chest.

“Drew, Knock it off. He’s not doing anything.” I yell anger flooding me, while I try to snap out of whatever just happened. “For fucks sake we were just talking.”

“Talking. You looked two second away from doing it against the lockers!”

“Man, calm down.” Nate started.

“Not a word, Baldwin, not one fucking word. I warned you.” my brother hissed the vain in his neck bulging out.

Nate straightened, ” What are you going to do, Jones?” He smirked, cocky and arrogant. ” I don’t want to embarrass you in front of your sister, and we both know I can.” Douche much?

I swear you could see steam coming out of Drew’s ears.

“Seriously? What is this? a pissing match? Drew, Stop being an overprotective little bitch. you’re not my dad, and you” I point at Nate. “Stop running into me.” Well, if that wasn’t the lamest thing I could have said. This guy was really messing with my head. I couldn’t tell if it was in a good way or not, but it was clearly messing up my ability to speak and form coherent sentences.

As the last bell rang I turned and left them standing there, while hurrying to get to class. This school year was off to a great start. Not.



Where You’re From


With one last stroke of mascara across my eyelashes, I put the wand back in the tube as I take a final look in the mirror.
Natural auburn hair, emerald eyes, and freckles for days. Not to mention pale as a fucking vampire.
Yup that’s me. Justice Jones, but you can call me Jay.

“Jay, let’s go!” by brother Drew yells from the hallway. “I have practice and I can’t be late. You have two minutes or I’m leaving without you.”

I roll my eyes, put some finishing touches on my long curly hair, and make my way downstairs, grabbing my purse from my bed as I go. Walking into the kitchen, I see the familiar sight of my mom flipping pancakes, my dad drinking coffee while reading the newspaper, and my little brother Troy stuffing his face, syrup everywhere. I can’t help but smile at the picture.

A horn honks from outside. Impatient douche. I grab a to go mug and fill it with coffee, adding cream and sugar, before heading over to give my mom a kiss on the cheek.
She turns and gives me a warm smile, “Have a great day at school, Honey. Don’t forget you have a dress fitting at three thirty for the junior league ball.”

I make a pouting face. She just shakes her head at me. “I’ll be there,” I reply. I hate junior league. It’s nothing more then a group of stuck up girls who have nothing better to do than gossip and talk about the latest fashions, but it makes my mom happy and my best friend is also in the league, which makes it more fun.
I ruffle Troy’s hair as I walk by, he glares, so I stick out my tongue.

“Bye Daddy!” I call out as I pass him.

“Have a good day, Baby girl.” He never once glances up from the newspaper.

Going out the front door I see Drew drumming his fingers on the steering wheel anxiously. I hoist myself up into his truck.” About time, Jay, i really don’t want to be late for practice and it’s the first day of school.”

“Sorry, Drew. Not looking like a hag each morning takes time.” I shoot back at him. in reality I slept through my alarm.

“Well, It didn’t work. You look like a raccoon and what’s with the red lips. you look like a ho.”
I punch his arm. Hard.” What the fuck, Jay?” he glares and rubs his arm.

“Don’t be such a pussy. I barely hit you, and wearing red lipstick doesn’t make you a ho, you stupid Neanderthal.” I pull down the sun visor and check my eye liner. Not a single smudge.
Being the only girl in the family and having overprotective brothers and an even more overprotective dad, so I’m used to this by now. My dad is the Commissioner of the Fort Collins Police Department, My older brother Camden is in the Marines, and then there’s Drew. They’re all super intimidating to lesser men. So the chances of me getting a date, and having that date make it through one of my father’s interrogations is slim to none. The point is, boys don’t go within thirty feet of me.

The best thing about living in Fort Collins, Colorado was the view. I couldn’t get enough , and you never run out of things to do, no matter what time of the year it is.
As we turn into the school parking lot, people are scurrying everywhere. Freshmen huddled together, jocks tossing around the football, drama kids singing runs. The excitement and hormones were overwhelming. Getting out of the truck I take a deep breath, the air smells of possibility and adventure.

My brother walks over to where I stand and throws his arm around my shoulder, “Welcome back to West Brook High.” He gives me a side hug and plants a kiss on my forehead before walking off to join his fellow football players.

Welcome back indeed. This year felt different, like maybe something big was going to happen, and I couldn’t wait.


I want to feel how it could be.

I want to know what everyone’s talking about.

I want to understand this craving.

I want to know the touch of someones skin against mine.

What are these sparks running through my vain?

why is my heart beating so fast when i’m with you?

Is this love?




These Nights

All we have is right here,

Right now.

All I need is to see you for one last second.

These nights keep me safe.

All we have is this moment,

Right here.

These nights keep me warm.

These nights are just you and me.

These nights are few.

These nights are over.

These nights are nothing but a memory.


They worshiped the ground he walked on.

They praised his name, gave him all the glory.

What is a Hero?

They didn’t know his secrets.

They didn’t see his lies.

What is a Hero?

A hero is a corrupted soul.

A hero is a monster shoved in the back of your mind.

What is a Hero?

There are no Heroes.