Where You’re From


With one last stroke of mascara across my eyelashes, I put the wand back in the tube as I take a final look in the mirror.
Natural auburn hair, emerald eyes, and freckles for days. Not to mention pale as a fucking vampire.
Yup that’s me. Justice Jones, but you can call me Jay.

“Jay, let’s go!” by brother Drew yells from the hallway. “I have practice and I can’t be late. You have two minutes or I’m leaving without you.”

I roll my eyes, put some finishing touches on my long curly hair, and make my way downstairs, grabbing my purse from my bed as I go. Walking into the kitchen, I see the familiar sight of my mom flipping pancakes, my dad drinking coffee while reading the newspaper, and my little brother Troy stuffing his face, syrup everywhere. I can’t help but smile at the picture.

A horn honks from outside. Impatient douche. I grab a to go mug and fill it with coffee, adding cream and sugar, before heading over to give my mom a kiss on the cheek.
She turns and gives me a warm smile, “Have a great day at school, Honey. Don’t forget you have a dress fitting at three thirty for the junior league ball.”

I make a pouting face. She just shakes her head at me. “I’ll be there,” I reply. I hate junior league. It’s nothing more then a group of stuck up girls who have nothing better to do than gossip and talk about the latest fashions, but it makes my mom happy and my best friend is also in the league, which makes it more fun.
I ruffle Troy’s hair as I walk by, he glares, so I stick out my tongue.

“Bye Daddy!” I call out as I pass him.

“Have a good day, Baby girl.” He never once glances up from the newspaper.

Going out the front door I see Drew drumming his fingers on the steering wheel anxiously. I hoist myself up into his truck.” About time, Jay, i really don’t want to be late for practice and it’s the first day of school.”

“Sorry, Drew. Not looking like a hag each morning takes time.” I shoot back at him. in reality I slept through my alarm.

“Well, It didn’t work. You look like a raccoon and what’s with the red lips. you look like a ho.”
I punch his arm. Hard.” What the fuck, Jay?” he glares and rubs his arm.

“Don’t be such a pussy. I barely hit you, and wearing red lipstick doesn’t make you a ho, you stupid Neanderthal.” I pull down the sun visor and check my eye liner. Not a single smudge.
Being the only girl in the family and having overprotective brothers and an even more overprotective dad, so I’m used to this by now. My dad is the Commissioner of the Fort Collins Police Department, My older brother Camden is in the Marines, and then there’s Drew. They’re all super intimidating to lesser men. So the chances of me getting a date, and having that date make it through one of my father’s interrogations is slim to none. The point is, boys don’t go within thirty feet of me.

The best thing about living in Fort Collins, Colorado was the view. I couldn’t get enough , and you never run out of things to do, no matter what time of the year it is.
As we turn into the school parking lot, people are scurrying everywhere. Freshmen huddled together, jocks tossing around the football, drama kids singing runs. The excitement and hormones were overwhelming. Getting out of the truck I take a deep breath, the air smells of possibility and adventure.

My brother walks over to where I stand and throws his arm around my shoulder, “Welcome back to West Brook High.” He gives me a side hug and plants a kiss on my forehead before walking off to join his fellow football players.

Welcome back indeed. This year felt different, like maybe something big was going to happen, and I couldn’t wait.



  1. justlikethat101 · March 18, 2016

    Nice start.. 🙂


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